Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Dollar Treasures!

I'm cheap, I am not thrifty not frugal, cheap, cheap, cheap... I am always super proud of the great deals I find.. Jeans for 10 bucks, House of Dereon Shoes I got for 12 bucks things like that.. Where do you get your bargains or treasures?

So naturally I love the dollar store, not all of it but I tend to find useful things there.

Continuing on with some of the stuff I got this time...

Check out this cute mini board book kit, I thought how fun I got four of them in different colors.. Wedding is Black, white and silver. Baby Girl is Pink and purple, Baby Boy is blue and lavender(at least it looks lavender to me) and Travel is earthy tones.. Gotta get more of these!!!

They come with (pictured to the right) four boards, 8 photo corners, 7 tags, 1 big photo frame and 26 letters. They aren't quite chipboard thickness but sometimes chip is jus to thick, well I find so. The boards area chip thickness.

Well I am definately going back for more I've already thought of like five cute things to do with these. Grandkid books, mini vacation books, my favorite things. I'm sure I will come up with a few more. When I get a project completed I'll post it..

Until next time.

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